Residential Christmas Installation

Themed Holiday Displays

Everyone loves the smell of pine, the sound of Nat King Cole standards, and the vision of wrapped gifts under the lighted Christmas tree. And we are all familiar with the triumvirate of traditional holiday decor: wreaths, garlands, trees. But imagine that there are thousands of festive interpretations of, and expressions for, the Christmas holiday season. Every homeowner can trade in the expected strand of roofline Christmas lights for an opulent and memorable holiday story. Maybe a supersized nativity landscape? How about a frozen ice pond of jubilant skating bears? Perhaps magenta penguins perched on lighted “ice cubes” in Antartica? How about a skip down memory lane to an old fashioned candy store? Or a decked-out Bentley, lead through the night by lighted reindeer, with Santa’s gifts overflowing? The Holly Workshop can lead the way.

Lights ! Garlands ! Action !

Whether it’s traditional, religious, serious, nouveau, or out-of-the-box humorous, The Holly Workshop’s creative team can transform your Montecito mansion or Balboa Island pied-à-terre into a Hollywood movie set — without a blockbuster budget.

Obviously, residential yuletide decorating is much more intense and individually tailored than commercial decorating, requiring a full focus on minute detail, audio-visual embellishments and exquisite ornamental garnishes. With decades of award-winning experience, our design, fabrication and installation teams can meet your challenge with dazzling results.

Christmas Decoration at Residential Building
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