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Why a Downtown Flag or Banner Program?

A Downtown Street Banner or Flag Program gives cultural attractions, and nonprofit organizations alike, the unique opportunity to promote current exhibits and special events through displays of flags, bunting, street banners, and holiday decorations.

A well-designed and well-executed banner program will enhance the atmosphere of the streetscape by melding stunning, festive, and eye-grabbing graphics. Celebrate your city, community or shopping corridor in a manner that attracts visitors, inspires citizens, and promotes community activities for a broad-based audience of all interests and ages.

Main Street Banner USA Offers Solutions!

Main Street Banner USA offers a complete street banners service solution from designing to printing, from fabrication to banner installation.

Brackets, Banner-Savers®, USA-Made

We have the latest in bracket, arm, support hardware with USA-made stainless steel strapping.

Expert Installation Services

All of our street banner installations are performed with seasoned professionals with an eye for perfection – and awareness of safety protocol. Let us take care of the custom designing, installation, removal, repairs, cleaning and even warehouse storage for you !

Experienced sales people to walk you through step-by-step, make suggestions, present color concepts and present installation success models. Phone, Fax, text, email, or meetings in person are all available. Our graphic design team will synthesize the order into a digital mock-up, referencing size, style, colors, options BEFORE printing the flags or banners, or BEFORE fabrication of the custom Christmas holiday decorations.

First Class, White Glove Turnkey Service

If an installation package is optioned, our team of highly skilled installers will create a schedule for working with your city management. From there, we offer complete soup-to-nuts maintenance: removal after events, cleaning, mending and storage. Turnkey white glove service is our strength.

Banner Installation with Boom Truck

Street Banner Installation with Boom Truck

Decor Banner Designs

Colorful Seasonal Banners

A Panoply of Colors, Textures, Fabrics, Lights & Logos

Utilizing a wide spectrum of fabrics – vinyl, Sunbrella acrylics, mesh, and nylons – Main Street Banner can tailor-make your banner poles come to life with the best in craftsmanship, style, color and scope. Whether it is a charming old town with 10 short street acorn lamps, or a major metropolitan district with hundreds of tall modern light standards, we can create a street banner installation that is just RIGHT FOR YOU !

Seasonal City Banner Programs

Every banner installation employs a gamut of art, craft, fabric, color, function, utility, and a dash of science to make certain that your ideas are correctly interpreted into a custom banner program of distinction. A seasonal city banner program may incorporate a “Live-Work-Play” campaign for summer; then switch to back-to-school college banners in autumn; followed by Christmas holiday lights and banners for November and December. During the Christmas holiday season, our Holly Workshop division may be of help creating unique Christmas lights or other custom garland decorations for your city streets.

Budget Busting & Finding Sponsorships

Finally, consider that a Downtown Banner Flag or Banner program can be self-supporting through sponsorships, endowments, non-profit organization support or commercial benefactors. A tasteful logo or thank-you by-line can add dollars to your budget requirements and lend a sense of pride and joy to those sponsoring. Family names are always a boost to the community, especially on graduation banners, athletic accomplishment banners, or military service banners. Every parent wants to celebrate their child’s achievement in their home town.

Making the Holidays Bright, Festive & Jolly

It’s been noted that merchants make up to 80% of their annual revenue during the holiday season. More than half of city events are related to the December holidays with parades, celebrations, galas, tours, and tree lightings.

Benefits to the Community

A municipal, city or shopping corridor banner, lighting or Christmas program has the obvious benefit of instilling joy and goodwill because, quite simply, it makes people happy. People feel engaged, relaxed and safe when they see decorated avenues of lighted garlands, shooting stars, wreaths, banners and lighted tree wraps. Decorating conveys happy times with sparks of tradition and a sense of nostalgia. It’s welcoming to families and inclusive of businesses through your active, flourishing neighborhoods. A strategically designed banner program can help gentrify a forgotten block of town or help unify a PBID campaign or event.

Main Street Banner USA, The Flag Factory & The Holly Workshop

Having completed numerous projects for cities, communities, malls, and shopping centers all over the America, Main Street Banner USA is your #1 custom flag and banner maker. We will take care of the hard work so that you can look good !


Christmas Banner Decoration

Christmas Banner Decoration

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