Graduation Ceremony

Special Event Theme Decor

There’s No Place Like Home!

If you are planning a gala or graduation extravaganza, Main Street Banner can create the color and pizazz you need with masterstrokes of creative design and innovative execution. Why, golly, we can make a tornado-torn house land on the wicked witch of the west ! Our specialty team of artists and craftsman include chalk painters, balloon wizards, drapery hangers, scenery carpenters, and audio-visual virtuosos.

Pictured here are flourishes from a team of craftsman working on a University Graduation and Fundraiser Gala.

Let’s Brainstorm

Imagine a bold fanfare of giant movie-set props, like flowers and lollipops, springing up in a garden of make-believe. Envision cascades of shimmering stage curtains and custom, bedazzled signs.

We have the tools in our arsenal to make the very best flags, banners, festoons, truss brackets, hardware — along with an expertly seasoned installation team.

Main Street Banner event decor services will be your partner in the creation of fresh and imaginative fabrications, bringing together brilliant fabrics, clever interpretations, and daring statements.

Gala Decoration
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